Making a bracelet from Lindt wrappers: Part One

Hi All!

As promised, after Mother’s Day, something pretty, shiny and useful!

All you need are some of these, minus the chocolate!

So come on and eat up…..

om nom nom……Uh-Oh, that’s not cool! Too bad I can’t give myself the sack…..

Right, now you have some of the wrappers let’s get started

Flatten them out as much as you can

Now fold in half – whenever you fold, give a good rub to get the lines crisp

Now fold in half again

Fold the edges into the middle fold line

Fold again into the middle

(Did I mention there was a bit of folding involved?)

Fold again to make a long oblong

Fold each end into the middle

Then fold again

There, now you have your first ‘prong’

Make as many of these as you can, if you don’t have enough you will just have to buy some more chocolates (and no I do not have shares in Lindt – darn it)

When you have a few start joining them together by putting the prongs through each other and continue making a ‘zig zag’ pattern until it is long enough to go around your wrist (or the person you are making it for)

Now the fun part of of joining I will leave for Part 2!

Coming soon to a blog near you!

With a special thank you to those who inspire me daily on Pinterest and Facebook

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Making a ring display from recycled upcycled materials

Heeelllooooo There!

You know, Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

So much inspiration and fun all in one spot.

The other day while browsing I came across a pin about making your own ring display.

I love the ring display that I have been taking to the markets, but the stones are so heavy and the large glass bowl is a worry.

So I decided to make my own out of recycled materials as, not only is it kind on your purse, but it is kind to the planet too!

Here is what I put together today.

All you need is an old cutlery tray (mine cost 50c from the Salvos)

Some fabric (an old tablecloth, also would have only paid about $2 for that)

Wadding (I used the interfacings that I took out of some old Men’s Ties so that cost me nothing really)

I will go now and make one for myself to use at home and also one to take to a store I am hoping to put some of my things in as a display.

And here is the ‘mini’ version

Made using an old tobacco tin ….cute!

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First Market Day for Creative Oneders!

Sunday the 18th of March 2012 is Creative Oneders’ first outing at the local markets.

Marion Indoor Market

Oaklands Road, Morphettville


No matter what, I intend to have fun!

I am hoping to meet and chat with many people and discuss all things creative.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the goodies I will be bringing along.

 Hair Ties, made from Ties!Tie Purses

So maybe I will see you there!

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Awwwww…. it’s all a twinkle

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Turning a boring old chipped glass into oooooohhhhh

All you need:

A boring old chipped glass

some craft glue

epsom salts

$2 battery operated lights (Big W)


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Creative Oneders new on WordPress!


Welcome to the new home of Creative Oneders.

Creative Oneders=Julie Shinnick

I love, love, love to create and explore, particularly recycling and up-cycling (which I think is just a fancy new word for recycling) and also encouraging others to explore their own creativity. It’s amazing what you can achieve just by giving things a red hot go!

Do not make the mistake of thinking everything has to be perfect….big mistake….

Those little ‘mistakes’ are what gives an item character and soul.

Otherwise it might just as well be a robot/zombie/factory produced/mass produced piece of …..anyway you get the drift!!


And don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t done before….

If I didn't dare try, we wouldn't have a 'One of a kind' letterbox

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