Making a ring display from recycled upcycled materials

Heeelllooooo There!

You know, Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

So much inspiration and fun all in one spot.

The other day while browsing I came across a pin about making your own ring display.

I love the ring display that I have been taking to the markets, but the stones are so heavy and the large glass bowl is a worry.

So I decided to make my own out of recycled materials as, not only is it kind on your purse, but it is kind to the planet too!

Here is what I put together today.

All you need is an old cutlery tray (mine cost 50c from the Salvos)

Some fabric (an old tablecloth, also would have only paid about $2 for that)

Wadding (I used the interfacings that I took out of some old Men’s Ties so that cost me nothing really)

I will go now and make one for myself to use at home and also one to take to a store I am hoping to put some of my things in as a display.

And here is the ‘mini’ version

Made using an old tobacco tin ….cute!

About Creative Oneders

I have always loved to make things and be creative, I have annoyed my friends and family enough. Now it's time to annoy the world! Mwah hah hah!
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