Creative Oneders new on WordPress!


Welcome to the new home of Creative Oneders.

Creative Oneders=Julie Shinnick

I love, love, love to create and explore, particularly recycling and up-cycling (which I think is just a fancy new word for recycling) and also encouraging others to explore their own creativity. It’s amazing what you can achieve just by giving things a red hot go!

Do not make the mistake of thinking everything has to be perfect….big mistake….

Those little ‘mistakes’ are what gives an item character and soul.

Otherwise it might just as well be a robot/zombie/factory produced/mass produced piece of …..anyway you get the drift!!


And don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t done before….

If I didn't dare try, we wouldn't have a 'One of a kind' letterbox

About Creative Oneders

I have always loved to make things and be creative, I have annoyed my friends and family enough. Now it's time to annoy the world! Mwah hah hah!
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