I have a dream……that others will realise their creativity and use it daily. There is no such thing as ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’ ….Bullshit!

If you are not interested in being creative, that is fine, but you are here so if you are reading this then you are creative! ha! gotcha!

If you have the desire to create something, no matter what it is….. cooking (go for it, all yours!) crafting, painting, mosaic, glass, knitting, crochet, blacksmithing, welding, carpentry, paper mache, origami, and so on, make time for it and just give it a go…..

THAT is creating.

You don’t have to be Van Gogh or Martha Stewart (oh please save us!) just get in there and do something. Don’t expect perfection. There is no such thing.

Mistakes are NORMAL. Mistakes are COOL. Mistakes can be FUNNY.

Mistakes can take you places you never realised.

Don’t look at those shows on the telly that things turn out first time and look lovely…..THEY EDIT OUT MISTAKES….actually that’s what bores me about those shows, I have just realised…..snort…..chuckle…..

Be inspired, be creative and most importantly BE YOURSELF!

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